So, we made it! Our group members had first trip to Moscow together to enjoy and share the experience./Состоялось! Несколько членов нашей группы впервые вместе прилетели в Москву чтобы наслалиться красотой и разделить впечатления!

Красная площадь/The heart of Moscow and Russia – historic Red Square is looking stunning on a bright sunny day in October. Moscow is not always dark and snowy!)

Old Arbat – the most popular place after the Red Square/Самое популярное место у туристов после Красной площади – улица Арбат. Мы сфотографировальсь у памятника великому русскому поэту Александру Пушкину и его жене – Наталье Гончаровой.

Обед – дегустация Русской кухни в кафе МУ-МУ. Быстро, недорого и вкусно. Туда ходят и туристы и бизнесмены)/For lunch we had a Russian cuisine tasting in Mou-Mou cafe. It is quick, tasty and inexpensive. Popular with tourists and businessmen alike.

Традиционные русские сувениры. Выбор это всегда трудно!/Traditional Russian Souvenirs – so hard to choose!)

Большой театр/The world famous opera and ballet Bolshoi Theater. Looking very different under projections to celebrate the city day.

Храм Христа Спасителя/Christ the Savior Cathedral – the largest church in Moscow – was rebuilt a few years ago after the Communist regime had demolished the original and replaced it with a huge open swimming pool where one could swim under the snow in winter – not because Russians brave the frost, but because the steaming water was creating a warm cloud above it)

Кафе Forever Friends – was had a well deserved cup of coffee with a cake in a popular stylish cafe near famous Patriarch Ponds.

Музей Горького/Maxim Gorky House-Museum is also a research institution and is only open for tourist few days a week. We were lucky to manage to book a tour to see an amazing Art-Deco building and learn about its history.

Знаменитая лестница в Доме-Музее М Горького/Famous staircase in the Gorky Museum. I couldn’t  resist a special offer to ry to sit on it to feel the ergonomics of Art-Deco. Felt very special! Мне очень повезло!/Im looking happy as you can clearly see)

Ночная Москва – прекрасна! /Moscow is stunning by night!

И можно встретить новых друзей!)/And you can meet new friends)

И потом мы, конечно, купили русские книги и учебники! Надеюсь, вы все скоро выучите Русский и съездите в Москву в следующем году./Of course we bough some new Russian books and textbooks! I hope you all learn Russian quickly to go to Moscow next year!

Till next trip!/До новых поездок!