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Hello, I’m Natalia – your Russian language tutor with BA in languages and 15 years of on-line teaching experience.

I’m an optimist and see a positive side in all situations. Why don’t you use the lockdown time to learn Russian to prepare for future trips or work – I have tons of on-line materials to help you learn remotely.

My on-line classes are both informative and fun as well as can prepare you for formal language tests.

I am a native Russian from Moscow, but for the last seven years our family has been living and working in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Please send me and an enquiry (active link to request form) and say why you are motivated to learn so I can develop a course tailored to your needs.

Look forward to assisting you with your Russian studies!


Survival Russian

Learn Survival Russian before you visit Russia or former Soviet Union countries

In just three months learn the basics!

Upon completion of my crash course you will be able to:

  • read street and Metro signs
  • say basic phrases
  • introduce yourself
  • ask for directions
  • order in a café or a restaurant
  • shop for souvenirs
  • exchange contact details
  • understand key questions

Make your trip more enjoyable and make more Russian friends by learning some easy Russian!

I offer a range of Russian language classes taught one on one or in small groups on-line.

The programs are tailored to suit individual needs, including beginners.

The are special programs for short holidays or business travel, as well as a program to help you improve your grammar skills or pronunciation.

Survival Russian


    2 Month crash courseBeginnerIntermediateAdvanced



    • Russian is the official language in the Russian Federation, which has a population of more than 140 million people.
    • Russian is used for communication by 300 million speakers worldwide.
    • Russian market provides a great opportunity for investment due to its huge size and abundant natural resources.
    • Being members of BRICS countries Russia and South Africa enjoy a favorable business climate
    • Russia is a land rich in literature, classical music, ballet, architecture and technology.
    • Some people believe that Russian is hard to learn but the good news is that there are only three tenses in the Russian language and the word order in sentences is predictable.
    • The Russian alphabet has 33 characters but the good news is they all pronounced just as in the alphabet!

      Russian words you may already know: