Here you will find some free downloadable materials I developed to help you to learn Russian language. You can print them or just refer to this page during your studies.


Unit 1
Unit 2

Textbook Audio Files

Unit 1
Unit 2

You will learn conversational Russian quickly if you follow my approach:


Come to our Free Russian Language classes once a month developed for absolute beginners (link to and get some first-hand information on Russia, travel ideas, guidance on pronunciation of Russian sounds (link to

  • and grammar materials (link to Essential Grammar doc (to be sent later);
  • Practice simple conversational Russian by joining our Russian chat in WhatsApp;
  • Self-study with the help of these basic Russian materials(link to ___Beginner Russian Materials);
  • Take some regular weekly classes with a professional teacher of Russian language (link to contact Natalia) to get to a new level in your Russian studies;
  • Book a monthly Russian language coaching sessions ((link to CONTACT) if study by yourself or used to live in Russia many years ago and need a quick review, some help with Practical Russian Grammar rules or just a quick brush-up before travelling to Russia for business (link to Business Russian file – to be sent later)or Fifa Wordcup 2018; (file to be sent)